Meatopia Returns

Meat lovers get your chops ready for this years Meatopia, a three day event that promises to deliver everything meat lovers crave.

Tobacco Market will once again turn into a meat lovers haven. From BBQ's to artisan wine, ales and live music, Meatopia is claiming to appeal to everybody's dining and drinking needs - for all judicious lovers of meat, a clarion toot to the perfectionists amongst you who demand the best in taste and provenance.

Expect another legendary line-up of chefs from around the world, each known for their meaty talent, including: Killian Crowley from Ireland, Mumbai’s Amninder Sandhu, Bryan Furman from Atlanta, Jeffery Claudio and Andrei Soen who are bringing Rosita’s Deluxe from Singapore and Joan Bagur from Barcelona. 

Meatopia 2019 sees chefs, restaurateurs and gourmands uniting in a carnivorous congregation of the best sourced meat, all cooked over ethically-sourced wood and charcoal over the course of three days. However, Meatopia is about more than just eating and drinking, with live music, DJs, informal workshops, street theatre, chef talks and Craftopia, a dedicated craft beer hall hosted by Melissa Cole. Tickets cost from £23.85.

Ideal For

Market moseying, the meat minded, carnivores, sinking your teeth in, licking your chops, meat masterclasses...