Jeow Jeow at The Sun & 13 Cantons

Chef Tania Steytler's love of Laotian and Thai food is the driving force behind Jeow Jeow, bringing an aromatic blast of Southeast Asian herbs and spices to Soho.

The intimate 36-cover dining room features a menu loosely based on Tania's travels in Southeast Asia with her husband, acclaimed food writer Bill Knott, especially along the banks of the mighty Mekong river. As well as mounds of sticky rice and jeow dipping sauces - the Lao speciality that gives the restaurant its name - expect several kinds of laap, a dry, herby and spicy salad; fried chicken with charred chilli jam; home-made hot and sour sausage; and spicy devilled lamb faggots with tamarind broth. There are also vegan-friendly options including laap made with cauliflower, cashew nuts and watercress with parsnip crisps, and griddled aubergine with jeow mak len, made with roasted tomatoes, chilli, spring onion and mint. Open Tuesday to Saturady, for lunch and dinner. 



Ideal For

Mekong magic, spicing up your life

Signature Dishes

Fried chicken smothered in charred chilli jam; fried Dorset trout with sugared chilli dressing, celery, fennel and devilled lamb faggot with tamarind broth & chilli on the side.