Smitten Ice Cream

The beloved San Francisco ice cream shop is set to open a flagship store in Silver Lake this summer.

Known for its churned-to-order house-made ice cream, this is Smitten's second shop in Los Angeles, after opening eight in the Bay Area. 

The new store, featuring a stunning industrial design, an outdoor terrace, and a private parking lot, will comprise a modern take on the classic ice cream parlor. Repurposed from an abandoned car repair shop, the reimagined mid-century building is a fresh addition to one of LA's most energetic and creative neighborhoods. Smitten plans to partner with a diverse roster of LA-based culinary greats, pastry chefs and mixologists to offer a locally-inspired limited-edition menu in addition to their beloved signature flavors and rotating seasonal special. Collaborators will be announced closer to opening.

Smitten offers its signature ice creams ranging from classic flavors like Fresh Mint Chip to irresistible and innovative flavors like Cookie Dough with Pretzels and Chocolate Chips and Earl Grey with Milk Chocolate Chips. The menu also features one rotating chef-inspired seasonal special, which can range from Strawberry White Balsamic in early summer to Crème Fraiche with Pear Caramel in the fall and Blood Orange with Pistachio Cookies in winter. 

Ideal For

Giving into your sweet tooth

Signature Dishes

All ice creams on the menu indicate a suggested pastry-chef created “pairing” - from all-natural Rainbow Sprinkles to Oatmeal Cookie Crumble and organic Strawberry Prosecco Sauce and more. The sundae menu features indulgent creations including the Dough My Goodness (Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Cookie Dough, TCHO Chocolate Sauce, and Organic Whipped Cream) and the Berry Crisp (Classic Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry Prosecco Sauce, Oatmeal Cookie Crumble, and Organic Whipped Cream.)