My Perfect Day - Olia Sardarova

Urbanologist Olia Sardarova, Founder of BXR London, shares with U her favourite tips and hangouts, giving U an insight into her 'Perfect Day'...

How do you start your day?

I usually start my mornings in bed responding to a few emails as this burst of productivity gives me the motivation and adrenaline rush for the day ahead! Choice of drink in the morning is always tea – no coffee until after lunch! When it comes to tea I am really quite particular, TWG Sakura blend is by far my favourite.

Leisurely lunch go to?

Sunday leisurely lunches at the Italian side of Novikov is now a family tradition: a delicious roasted goat for my husband and lovely pizza making workshops for the kids – everyone is happy and occupied and I get to enjoy my cappuccino and a home-made gelato at the end.

Favourite way to pass the time in London?

Walking - London to me is one of the most ‘walkable’ cities in the world. The Royal Parks, beautiful Victorian architecture and wide streets – all make for a long leisurely stroll. Once I have more free time, I will start incorporating walks into my daily routine, come rain or shine!

Favourite London Landmark, and why?

For a long time, my favourite landmark was the Victoria Statue outside Buckingham palace. I’m not sure now if it was the wild colours of spring flowers surrounding it or the statue itself that fascinated me so much. Most recently I’ve fallen in love with the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park; this memorial celebrates both the achievements of the Victorian era and the love of the two monarchs. Victoria and Albert are one of the most romantic royal stories.

Tipple of choice and favourite cocktail hangout?

Lychee Martinis are my favourite cocktails – a perfect mix of sweet and sour. I recently discovered the eclectic Cuban themed bar, Socialista, which has a lovely intimate atmosphere, fitting no more than 40 people at a time. Their resident DJ, DJ Izy, plays great music, which adds to the authentic and international atmosphere – this is a great alternative for those who have had enough of night clubs!

Favourite dining destinations, and why?

Depending on the day of the week or occasion, I love MNKY HSE for a fun night out with guaranteed good music and a unique menu, Casa Cruz for an intimate dinner with friends, The CUT for London’s best meat or Scott’s for the best fish.

Final stop for a nightcap, and why?

On the very rare occasion I do go out on a Friday after work these days, my final stop is usually at Isabel or Socialista, or one followed by the other! 

Best hangover remedy?

I very rarely drink, but if I do am always sure to hydrate before going to bed and in the morning. I recently discovered an amazing rehydration drink ‘Isotonic’ by Botanic Lab. Don’t be put off by its colour (black) – it’s only activated charcoal, which absorbs all the ‘nasties’ – this is a must drink for hangover.

Where next on your travels?

Change of scenery is very important to me even if it’s for one day. The next few months of travel for me and my family include Venice Art Biennale, visiting our family home in Namibia and a trip to Dubai with my children.

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