Into The Wild

A unique culinary festival concept with Argentinian celebrity chef Francis Mallmann cooking up the ultimate barbecue...

The one-night festival takes place in the 'grand English wildnerness' at The Grange, an 18th century English Heritage property in the county of Hampshire. Argentinian culinary master, Francis Mallmann is headlining the event with his theatrical, fired-up barbecued meats cooked on 10-feet-high open fires. Mallmann will take guests across three sites of the estate, where his team will have cooked locally sourced meat and vegetables for up to seven hours - using sand pits, trenches and home-made dome-shaped frames. Each round paired with a wine from Krug’s Champagne portfolio alongside music performances curated by the talented Mahogany Sessions. 

Tickets for the festival, to be held on 29 July from 4pm to midnight, cost £395 per person or £750 for a pair. Tickets include food, drink and return travel to London at the end of the evening.

Ideal For

Feasting, country pursuits