India & Pakistan Independence Day Feast

MasterChef 2017 winner Saliha Mahmood Ahmed teams up with Talli Joe to cook a sharing feast inspired by the Grand Trunk Road.

On Sunday 17th September, to commemorate 70 years of independence for both India and Pakistan, Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed and Talli Joe have created a menu of authentic dishes that celebrate the culinary heritage that joins both nations. The sharing feast has been inspired by the Grand Trunk Road, a route that for centuries has linked the eastern and western regions of the Indian subcontinent. There are ten dishes on the menu, each one created to celebrate the authentic flavours and cooking techniques found in various regions along the Grand Trunk Road. 

Tickets are £45pp and include two traditional welcome shot drinks and a generous selection of celebratory sharing dishes. There are two sittings available, 1pm and 6.30pm. 

Ideal For

Travelling taste buds

Signature Dishes

Chappli keebab ghotala, lahore style mince venison with egg, mooli & pickled onion salad, anardana chutney; Taxila khaga macchi curry, Spiced seabass curry, served with steam Basamati rice

Signature Drinks

Shikanjbeen, house made fresh spiced lemonade; Mava Lassi, sweetened yogurt & nuts topped with khoya