Celebrate 100 years at The Gilbert Scott

Marcus Wareing invites you to celebrate 100 years with the recreation of an original menu from the Midland Grand Hotel dated 27th September 1917

While the iconic St Pancras Renaissance Hotel was undergoing restoration, a menu was discovered dated 27th September 1917. The menu itself was faded and tattered, but the team at The Gilbert Scott has been working hard to decipher and interpret the dishes and restore it to its former glory. Now exactly 100 years to the day, they are ready to reveal their modern-day translation of this extraordinary menu, from the height of the period of the Great War.

Marcus Wareing invites you to join him to celebrate the wonderful architecture of Sir George Gilbert Scott and the restoration of the building, in his restaurant, The Gilbert Scott, once the Dining & Coffee Room in the original Midland Grand Hotel. Enjoy the restaurant’s contemporary take on the 1917 menu, whilst hearing stories of life during the Victorian & First World War periods when the hotel was originally in operation, and the associated dining and food tales from lauded food historian, Dr Polly Russell.

Dinner is priced at £145 for Champagne & canapés followed by 5-courses with matching wines (or £85 food only). 

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Being transported back in time