Enigma: Taste Of Persia

Palazzo Versace's rotating residency restaurant keeps it in-house this time with a bespoke Persian concept curated by executive chef Mansour Memarian.

Following on from stellar runs of Nordic, Spanish, and Turkish cuisines, it is now the time for Persian culinary traditions to shine, under the stewardship of the hotel's executive chef who has helmed Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe previously. According to chef Mansour Memarian, “Cooking is storytelling, and through my cuisine I invite the guests on a journey, which also takes me back to the rich flavors of Persia and my childhood memories.” 

He turns to his Persian roots for inspiration at Enigma, with a creative take on classics such as Kotlette Tehrani (crispy potatoes with minced beef, onion juice and saffron); Kabab Versace; Tehran Dizi (lamb and chickpea stew served with home-made condiments and fresh bread) and Falude (a vermicelli noodle dessert).

The menu is designed as an interactive dining experience with sharing-style servings, and many dishes being prepared fresh table-side, which, with the backdrop of the sumptuous hotel and the creekside views of restaurant's outdoor terrace, makes for a truly refined gastronomic experience. 

Ideal For

Enjoying familiar flavours in a modern style