Dom’s Burgers

189 by Dominique Ansel, the first Los Angeles restaurant from the cronut creator, is converting its space into a park and host an outdoor picnic this week.

The pop-up concept, Dom’s Burgers, is dedicated to the picnic theme, both in décor and in menu. The dining room features fake grass, hammocks, picnic blankets and patties galore. There are various carts throughout the dining room, including a make-your-own-lemonade stand—offering strawberry-basil, ginger and pineapple variations of the springy drink—and a roasted-nut cart.

In addition to the freshly-baked cookies for guests to enjoy, another sweet treat will be housemade lemonade served at a stand. The drinks will come in strawberry-basil, ginger lemonade and pineapple for $4 each. Dom’s Burgers will also offer roasted nuts, for $4, and a selection of craft beers.

But the prized item of this picnic is prime the burger, with four options to choose from: beef, lamb, hot chicken and veggie.

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