Top 5 Must Visit Bars Around the World

Founder of Gorgeous Group, chief storyteller and head socialist Robbie Bargh gives U his 5 must see bars around the world.

The actual drinking experience in a bar is one you cannot purchase on line. the best bars are all about the people who work and go there and indeed the drinks, the ambiance created. Around the world the bar has pretty much remained the centre of the social experience. here are my top five ‘must go to’s’. 

Gen Yamamoto, Tokyo 

Tucked away below an apartment block in Azabu-Juban district gen yamamoto makes the best seasonal japanese cocktails with all Japaense ingredients. You opt for a tasting menu. It is surreal; you work to his speed, he decides what you drink, when you drink it – it is like walking onto a Wes Anderson set. Incredible. There are no more than 10 seats, so you have to book!

Nomad, New York

These guys have done an amazing job redefining the hotel cocktail bar. Drinking at the bar is my preference. Here it's always a scene. The ‘start me up’ is an amazing whisky and rum sour – quite unusual on a menu, but a killer of an amazing drinks. @ask for Leo; he is one of the nicest guys working in bars in the US today. The bar consistently delivers amazing drinks and a huge amount at that.

Tür7, Vienna

A beautiful gorgeous private house that doubles as a bar. Geri the owner bon viveur and true drinks maestro holds court and will make you any of the seven beautiful drinks on the menu – each of the drinks has been carefully selected with the most spectacular ingredients, the best ice money can buy, with the best spirits selection you will find in the city and if you are peckish they will even order food in. I had one of the best negronis here ever- it was truly amazing. This bar is stunning. Go sit at the bar and wonder at the attention to detail of the surfaces and the back bar. Fabulous!

The Wigmore, London

Unpretentious, but at the same the poshest pub in the world. The cask ales and wines on tap are the speciality, but if you want to try something special check out the cups of punch and the hoptails (yes cocktails made with beer)- they are pretty amazing. There is also an impressive gin and tonic list traditional and continental style. The bar food is fabulous the pies are always a must have, as are the masala scotch eggs. The stove top cheese toastie is probably one of the best hangover/comfort foods ever created. They are open from midday through to the early hours. There is always a buzz and a great mixed crowd – a welcomed evolution and interpretation of a true British institution. 

Fitz' at The Principal, London

The just opened Fitz’s bar promises to be next generation of hotel cocktail bars. Imagine Sunset Boulevard meeting the last days of disco. The most decadent, over the top design – tented ceiling, giant glitter balls, eclectic art, louche furnishings mixed with the warmest of hospitality. The drinks are understated moorish and based on flavours and serves from different eras. There is live cabaret entertainment on Wednesdays and vintage vynl on Sunday afternoons. The bar appeals to the free spirits out there. I have been looking for a bar like Fitz’s for a long time. A brilliant addition to london’s destination bar scene . 

Gorgeous Group is a London-based hospitality consultancy and create some of the best restaurant and bar concepts for some of the best hotels and resorts around the world. Prior to setting up Gorgeous Group, Robbie ran some of the best hotel and stand-alone restaurants and bars in London, New York, and Sydney. 

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