Scoop: The Wonderful World Of Ice-Cream

This celebratory show explores the past, present and future of ice cream in a total sensory immersion – one where you can taste the savour of centuries.

The Wonderful World of Ice Cream (from The British Museum of Food by Bompass & Parr) features highlights from the world’s largest collection of ice cream paraphernalia. 

This never-before-exhibited collection is drawn from 14,000 vintage equipment, service-ware, advertising, and music collected over 40 years by Robin and Caroline Weir (authors of the award-winning book — "Ice Creams Sorbets and Gelati The Definitive Guide". Ranging from Victorian ice cream moulds to an Andy Warhol print this collection is full of discovery for all visitors. 

The Wonderful World of Ice Cream includes curated galleries, and a programme of talks and events juxtaposed against demonstrations and workshops that further bring the concept to life, including real icebergs, ice cream weather and glow-in-the-dark ice cream. 

The design of the museum is inspired by the colourful optimism of the Festival of Britain, colliding with a chromed-deco ice cream parlour from the future, realised in a riot of muted pastels. Monolithic ice cream furniture for Conehenge, the museum cafe, is supplied by Petite Friture. Tickets can be bought in advance for £12 per person. 


The launch coincides with the 300th anniversary of Mary Eales’ Receipts (1718), the first printed volume to feature ice cream in an English publication. Eales claims to have sold confectionary at the court of Queen Anne. It is also the 399th anniversary of the first ice house built in Britain (to make ice cream) in Greenwich Park by order of James I.