Dracula at The London Library

To mark the recent discovery that Bram Stoker did most of his research for Dracula in their hallowed halls, The London Library is hosting a unique retelling of the masterpiece.

This exciting new site-specific adaptation of Dracula takes place in the venue where Bram Stoker spent seven years researching his gothic masterpiece and creating one of fiction’s most enduring characters. A recent discovery has found that numerous books still on the Library’s shelves are the original copies that Bram Stoker used to create his masterpiece.

This atmospheric production, by Oxford-based Creation Theatre, transports the narrative to the 1950s, set amongst the emotional and social restrictions of the era - using innovative audio-visual design and immersive staging. Tickets are priced from £32 and takes place every Wednesday to Saturday, from February 2nd until March 3rd.

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