Variant 31: An Immersive Survival Experience

An interactive survival experience set in a secret location in the West End.

Billed as the largest of its kind in Europe, Variant 31 takes place in a 25,000 sq ft location in London’s West End, with audiences able to take their own path through the 90-minute immersive experience, with more than 1,000 possible routes, by solving challenges. The interactive survival experience sees "re-animated cadavers" go on the warpath and you have to escape before being captured (the show's tagline is "Aim for the Head"). Tickets from £39.

Ideal For

Adrenaline-fuelled immersive show


In addition to the game, there are four themed bars, one in the beginning, and three within the game area. Each ticket includes a complimentary drink, which is redeemable at the start from the Serum Dispensary.