Boston Classics Menu at The Beaumont

Dine on traditional New England fare as The Beaumont celebrates the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees playing two history-making games on British soil.

On 29 and 30 June, London becomes Europe’s first city to host Major League Baseball as part of its regular season. For one weekend only, two giants of baseball – the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees – will meet each other at the London Stadium, which will be transformed into a 60,000-seater ballpark specially for the occasion. To celebrate, The Beaumont are offering a special week-long Boston Classics Menu in the Colony Grill Room - highlighting the traditional New England dishes – from classic clam chowder and lobster rolls to cream-filled cannoli pastries. 

Ideal For

Star-spangled suppers

Signature Dishes

New England clam chowder with oyster crackers; fried clams with spiced mayonnaise & slaw; Boston baked beans on toast and cheesecake cannolis.