Fox Bar at Electric House

A summer pop-up at Electric House from the bartenders behind the speakeasy-style bar at Soho House in Chicago promising 'good music and good vibes'.

The two-month residency sees bartenders Ronnie Higgins and Rob Guevara transform the House’s Library into a cocktail joint to rival their popular West Loop hangout. The cozy, late night drinking join - situated in Soho House's Chicekn Shop -is inspired by British sporting culture and serving up locally inspired craft cocktails. With their residency expect brandy cocktails, Midwest-style service and a Latino souindtrack. Open to Soho House members.

Ideal For

Cocktail sessions

Signature Drinks

Royal Shhh - with dry gin, kefir leaves, pistachio syrup, lime juice and Génépi and the Shannon Rose made with brandy; Lillet Blanc liqueur, lemon juice & rose water.