Mo Diner

A contemporary Mediterranean take on the classic American diner from Mourad Mazouz.

Billed as Momo’s ‘playful cousin’ and offering a novel twist on the American diner. The restaurant is kitted out like a 1930s US diner, but with plenty of Mediterranean touches. That means you can expect cosy booths and a dining counter, but mixed in with a palm-print ceiling, bright yellow Moroccan tiles and a conservatory lined with cacti - decked out with Mourad signature flair, from the candy coloured terrace to tbe purple diner booths and photographs lining the walls from photographer Hugo Scott. 

Mo Diner serves food inspired by the shores of the Med from an all-day menu with Mediteranean twists on traditional classics overseen by chef Eric Chavot (Bob Bob Cité), such as sea bream with sauce vierge, tomato and olives to duck confit with pomegranate and shallots and Masinissa Caesar Salad - with sucrine, chives, anchovies and parmesan.


Ideal For

Casual eats, alfresco dining

Signature Dishes

Lamburgerini Merci with pulled lamb and tarator ranch sauce; Tunisian fricassee with petits farcis; Farinata, duck confit with pomegranate or sea bream sauce vierge.