Park Row London

A fully immersive gastronomic experience, Park Row is a DC comics-inspired restaurant on Soho’s Brewer Street.

Named after an area of Batman’s fictional hometown Gotham City, Park Row consists of five different dining areas, all offering different styles of food and drink; what they all have in common however, is that they take their inspiration from the iconic characters and stories from DC. From Harley Quinn-themed dishes to a lounge inspired by Batman villain The Penguin, everything at Park Row is geared towards gastronomic storytelling and playfulness. 

Set in a Grade II-listed building the multi-room space is as Art Deco styled as Gotham City itself. Featuring a secret entrance modelled on the Batcave, which leads you into the main dining room. There's Pennyworth’s – named after Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth - serving historically-inspired British dishes; and Rogues Gallery, an luxurious space that pays homage to Gotham's most famous art thief Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman). Or if you want something a bit more immersive, head over to the Monarch Theatre which offers a multi-sensory tasting menu (£195) complete with 360-degree projection mapping technology and immersive courses. 

If you’re more about drinking, Park Row has plenty to offer in that department too with speakeasy-styled Old Gotham City serving creative cocktails alongside a selection of sharing plates. Alternatively there is The Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge which serves a variety of different drinks and international food alongside live entertainment. This impressive venue - the world’s first DC Comics restaurant - has an impresssive team with chefs Kim Woodward (formerly of The Savoy) for Park Row and Karl O'Dell (Texture, Petrus) for The Monarch. 


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All-star dining, cape crusaders, showtime!