Planta Queen Coconut Grove

The Toronto-based vegan restaurant has doubled down with a location in CocoWalk...

Expect an Asian-inspired plant-based menu based on dishes served from a Chinese menu at Planta Queen in Toronto. This Asian-cuisine focused offshoot of Planta - features vegan takes on Asian-influenced classics such as wonton soup, gyoza, dan dan noodles and Peking duck skin - and has proved so popular that they have opened an entire restaurant based on the concept. Dine on vegan versions of popular Asian fare in a dining room inspired by traditional Chinese courtyards with the main dining room wrapped in glass and overlooking the tree-lined street.

Open daily from 5pm. 

Ideal For

Asian vegan fare, vegging out

Signature Dishes

General Lee's cauliflower with bell peppers, onions, ginger, and sesame; pineapple fried rice with curry cashew, goji berries, and Thai basil; udon noodles with truffle-scented mushroom-and-coconut cream; and an array of dumplings.