Roketsu by Daisuke Hayashi

A recreated traditional Japanese tea room embracing the authentic Japanese kaiseki-ryōri tradition.

Chef Daisuke Hayashi - formerly of Tokimeitē and Sake No Hana - will showcase Kaiseki or kaiseki-ryōri dining - a traditional multi-course Japanese style of dining. Hayashi is one of the only masters of the Kaiseki tradition globally, and the first to bring this spectacular form of Japanese cuisine to London. This exciting interactive Japanese style of dining features a nine-course menu of tantalisingly fresh, seasonal produce.

Having trained at the renowned three-Michelin-starred Kikunoi Ryotei restaurant in Kyoto from the age of eighteen, Chef Hayashi is now at the forefront of the next generation of Japanese chefs applying a modern, progressive approach to this revered gastronomic culture. The interior, built in Kyoto, has been assembled by the world's leading experts in Sukiya design - which favours small, modest spaces designed with natural materials. 

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