100 x 35 Cocina con Raíces

Bringing upscale Puerto Rican cuisine and water views to South Beach.

The South Beach restaurant - at The Bentley Bay South - gets its name from the measurements of the island of Puerto Rico: which measures 100 miles east to west and 35 miles north to south. The brainchild of Carlos Rodriguez and chefs Luis Vazquez and Emmanuel Jimenez, the 150-seat restaurant serves an extensive and exotic menu of Puerto Rican dishes like mofongo, fried snapper, pork chops, bacalaitos (cod fritters), sorullitos de maiz (cornmeal fritters), and alcapurrias alongside Caribbean-inspired cocktails made with Puerto Rican rums and beer from Wynwood Brewing Company. Takeout service is also available.


Ideal For

Puerto Rican cuisine

Signature Dishes

Pasta - made from malanga (purple taro root) served with a four-cheese sauce and chicken; traditional Kan-Kan pork chop - a double loin chop served with mixed rice and green plantain mofongo and mofongo de plátano with fried pork & onions.