Darjeeling Express

A homage to founder and Chef's Table star Asma Khan's royal Mughlai ancestry and the busy streets of Calcutta, where she grew up.

After being forced to close due to the pandemic, Asma Khan’s beloved family-owned eatery re-opened in a larger location in Covent Garden but has now returned to Kingly Court with a new permanent restaurant. The premises sees Darjeeling Express offer an all-day casual dining deli menu, including takeaway options and daily specials of their refined Indian dishes. In addition, the ‘Railway Menu’ has been inspired by the all-day breakfast available in train stations in India - alongside tasting menus including a vegan menu and a Biryani tasting menu. 

Khan is continuing her commitment to championing women in the kitchen - with the eatery staffed by an all-female team of chefs - and also to championing women’s causes with a percentage of all proceeds from the restaurant funding a charity called ‘Second Daughters’, which benefits second-born daughters in Indian.  

Ideal For

Authentic taste of India

Signature Dishes

Prawn malaikari (a Bengali speciality of spiced tiger prawns in coconut milk), slow-cooked Bengali goat curry and puchkas (wheat and semolina shells filled with a mixture of spiced black chickpeas, potato and tamarind water).