Los Mochis

A modern Mexican taqueria dishing up a contemporary and refined Japanese twist on Mexican dishes.

Los Mochis restaurant and bar is a Pan-Pacific pairing, mixing “Mexican spirit with Japanese elegance, Mexican art and design with Japanese coolness and Mexican flavours with Japanese techniques”. 

The overall design of both the ground floor dining room and the first-floor lounge is saturated with elements of rustic authentic Mexican culture with sophisticated Japanese touches. Rough surfaces are softened by subtle ambient lighting and stark finishes offset by warm timbers and cognac leathers.

The Mexi-Cali menu highlights incluxde a 22-strong Gangster Taco Menu, Trailer Park KFC - Korean fried chicken with napa cabbage & pico de gallo to miso black cod with pickled cabbage & crispy onions. There's also a list of inventive ceviches, quesadillas, tacos and tostadas. 

Signature Dishes

Trailer Park KFC - Korean fried chicken, Napa cabbage, jalapeño, spicy pickled cucumber, pico de gallo, pickled onions, cheese & poblano sauce; Miso black cod taco with den miso, pickled cabbage & crispy onions; buttermilk fried chicken quesadilla with Monterey pepper-jack cheese, onions & ranch crema.

Signature Drinks

The Late-Night Martini with Ocho Blanco, lychees, vanilla, lemongrass, lime & jalapeños