Strawberry Moon at The Goodtime Hotel

A stylish restaurant and pool club at The Goodtime Hotel — a collaborative boutique hotel from Swan owners David Grutman and Pharrell Williams.

At the center of the Goodtime Hotel, on the third floor, is Strawberry Moon. This Instagram-ready venue has been designed to transport guests into a classic Miami Beach Art Deco era, with a touch of style from old world Havana Cuba and Beverly Hills. Think: broad stripe pastel tiling, vintage scalloped bar seating, pinstriped awnings etc.

Set against a palette of pale mint, coral and white, the space features twin pools tiled in broad stripes and divided by a 'runway' sprinkled with powder-coated palm fronds. Shaded bungalows and signature striped cabanas ring the pool’s jungle oasis. 

Strawberry Moon serves up classic and casual Mediterranean fare, overseen by chef Roel Alcudia (Mandolin Aegean Bistro) The menu ranges from za’atar-spiced fried chicken and hummus to Turkish-style pizzas. 

Signature Dishes

The mezze platter with hummus, babaganoush, and spicy feta; the Lahmacun pie with spice lamb and bell pepper; branzino with chickpea tabbouleh; prawn kebabs; swordfish shawarma; and saffron rice.