Saltie Girl - London

Boston's cult-favorite seafood restaurant is bringing its concept of high-end tinned fish to our shores...

Saltie Girl is a famed seafood bar in downtown Boston - known for its fresh ocean offerings. Their claim to fame is the largest tinned seafood collection in New England - all sourced from small artisan producers, sustainably sourced, packed fresh, and shipped from around the world. Think Siberian Osetra caviar, Pacific salmon roe, tinned Spanish anchovies and Portuguese sardines. 

Other dishes include fried lobster and waffles with sweet corn butter and spicy maple syrup and French burgundy snails with black garlic butter. Chowder, bisque, fried whole belly Ipswich clams and lobster rolls by the ounce are on the menu in the Boston gem. Expect a nautical themed design reflecting owner Kathy Sidell's East Coast childhood - with a diner-style bar and booth seating.

Check back for updates. 


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Globally-sustainable iterations of fresh fish & seafood