A delightful floating restaurant and bar housed in a converted barge, serving simple, French and Italian-inflected cooking.

The 40-cover floating restaurant in a converted working canal boat has been launched by brothers Fin (Bentleys, Trullo, 69 Colebrooke Row) and Lorcan Spiteri (Quo Vadis, Oldroyd and Rochelle Canteen) and follows the brother's Hoxton space, Studio Kitchen. Moored on the banks of Regent’s Canal the canal boat has been converted to house an elegant restaurant - with nautical splashes of white and navy paint; polished up wooden floorboards and a smattering of crisp tablecloth-bearing tables with vintage lamps. 

The floating restaurant serves a menu based on simplicity and the best seasonal ingredients - and draws on Lorcan’s experience from his time in the kitchens at Quo Vadis, Oldroyd and Rochelle Canteen. Dishes span a range of British, Italian and French classics such as white crab tagliatelle, fennel & garlic and crispy pork belly, green beans & anchoïde. 

Open for dinner Thursday-Saturday.

Signature Dishes

Sesame prawn toast with spiced tartare; confit duck rissoles; white crab tagliatelle with fennel and garlic; roast hake with curry sauce; and crispy pork belly served with anchoide, a paste from Provence made using anchovy fillets, garlic and olive oil.

Signature Drinks

‘Blood Orange Margarita’ made with agave and blood orange syrup, a classic Negroni with a rhubarb twist, or a Rum’n’Coke Old Fashioned.