Miznon London by Eyal Shani

Mediterranean inspired street food from the celebrity chef who's also behind the HaSalon restaurants.

Miznon, the Mediterranean-inspired street food concept created by chef Eyal Shani, is eyeing a launch in London. The street food meets haute cuisine restaurant (Hebrew for ‘kiosk’) is based on is concept to take “the highest cuisine, the highest ingredients...and make fine cuisine that is served inside the pita”. He opened the first of three branches in Tel Aviv in 2007; in the years since, operations have expanded to Paris, Vienna, New York and Sydney.

Menu-wise think delicious pita sandwiches and seasonally-inspired vegetable sides like the signature whole roasted baby cauliflower and some locally-inspired variations - spag bol, cottage pie and smashburgers all get the pita treatment.The Soho restaurant features Miznon’s classic rustic design features of ornate tiles, and signature olive green.

Ideal For

For pita's sake...

Signature Dishes

The Lamb Kebab, seasoned lamb with grilled tomato and onions with tahini, spicy and pickles, and Minute Steak Plate - minute steak flashed and served with tahini, salsa, spicy and tomato squeeze finished with fresh parsley.