A modern Palestinian restaurant that aims to share the rich diversity of ingredients and culinary techniques from the region.

At his restaurant Fawda in Bethlehem, Fadi Kattan has become the voice of modern Palestinian cuisine. In the heart of the Old City, the Franco-Palestinian chef has developed an elegant, progressive cuisine that pays homage to Palestine’s culinary traditions and ingredients. 

Akub in Notting Hill (akub being Arabic for ‘cardoon’, Fadi’s favourite vegetable), is a celebration of Palestine’s cities and their unique culinary identities. Spread across three floors and with an internal courtyard too, akub has been carefully designed so that it celebrates the colours, the tones, the sounds of Palestine. 

Dishes honour Palestinian produce, supplied by fairtrade co-operative Zaytoun, reimagined with seasonal British ingredients. Expect dishes such as ‘make your own houmous’; Jerusalem, ‘lamb & freekeh’; inspired by Bethlehem and ‘orange givrée with mistaka pistachio ice cream’; linked to Jaffa. 

Ideal For

Palestinian tastes.

Signature Dishes

Red lentil moutabal; cured sea bream; crunchy mansaf balls; Freekeh risotto and grape vine leaves stuffed with skate.