Counter 71 + Lowcountry

A counter restaurant that celebrates the British Isles and a basement cocktail bar inspired by the American South.

Serving just sixteen guests per night from a raised, marble countertop, which takes centre stage in the room. Counter 71 is chef Joe Laker’s culinary ode to the British Isles, offering a tasting menu that depicts the minimalist style he has honed through years within contemporary kitchens - including at Fenn and Anglo. Expect an eclectic mix of contemporary dishes in a tasting menu-only format that uses ingredients from across Britain. Dishes include langoustine broth with pickled carrot and brown crab donut and scallop roe. 

Beneath the main dining space is Lowcountry. With dark tones and rubescent accents, the bar provides a contrasting aesthetic to the verdancy of Counter 71 - complete with mid-century auction house finds and custom leatherette banquettes. There's a “culinary approach” to the cocktails, to reduce waste, maximise flavours and keep with the seasons - and a focus on American whiskey. 



Ideal For

Counter dining, seasonal British cuisine.

Signature Dishes

Langoustine broth with pickled carrot; Brown crab donut & scallop roe; eel tart with fried seaweed & caviar; cheese and marmite scone & poacher custard and chocolate parfait, yoghurt sorbet & buckwheat crumb.

Signature Drinks

Hot Tomato; with tomato water, Jalapeno infused tequila, and basil oil with salt, a Fat-Fashioned; bacon-washed bourbon, maple syrup and creole bitters, as well as a Blueberry Manhattan, a concoction of blueberry infused whiskey, sweet and dry vermouth.