Bébé Bob

A spin-off, rotisserie chicken led, restaurant from from the team behind Bob Bob Ricard.

Two varieties of chicken from different regions in France, Vendee and Landes lie at the heart of the menu - cooked rotisserie-style, served whole at the table with a chicken jus and carved in view of guests. Served with sides and sauces to accompany - including truffle french fries, winter leaf salad, sauteed kale, truffle jus and Albufiera sauce. There's a caviar offering served with blinis made fresh tableside alongside classic starters (think egg mayonnaise with anchovy and smoked salmon). The wine list features classic white and red Burgundy, as well as a variety of rosé wines. 
The space has been designed the team who designed Bob Bob Ricard - with key elements of the original site, including the red and blue colour scheme, whilst incorporating unique art-deco inspired details and furnishings. There's an intimate 12-seater circular bar with a golden granite top and terrazzo flooring. And in the main dining space find curved soft leather banquettes, bespoke geometric patterned carpet and geometric glass screens. 

Ideal For

Rotisserie chicken, fine wines and champagne