The siblings behind award-winning restaurants Gymkhana and Trishna, have launched a 40-cover restaurant in London's Soho.

Loacted at 49 Frith Street (on the site of what used to be Koya) Hoppers is the third London Indian restaurant for the Sethis, who also back Bubbledogs, Kitchen Table, Lyle's and Bao through their company JKS Restaurants. 

Hoppers is inspired by (and references) the roadside shacks of Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu, with the hopper and dosa at the heart of the menu. The hopper is a thin, bowl-shaped pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. Its name is taken from the British mispronunciation of the word Aappam. Dosas are made from a fermented batter of ground rice and lentils and are a staple dish of the regions. At Hoppers, the dosas and hoppers are be served with a choice of meat, seafood or vegetable kari and a selection of sambols and chutneys made with freshly ground coconut.

The menu also offers a couple of ‘rice and roast’ dishes, such as a Buffalo shank biryani or Tamil spit chicken. A variety of bar snacks, or ‘short eats’ as they are referred to in Sri Lanka, showcase authentic Tamilian techniques and spicing, including oxtail veechu roti and mint sambol.

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Spicing up the restaurant scene...

Signature Drinks

A short list of cocktails will focus on Genever and Arrack, with Sri Lankan Lion lager and stout also available. Ginger beer and buttermilk chaas will be made in house.