Heddon Yokocho

A retro Tokyo-style ramen bar showcasing broths from across Japan...

Described as a 'downtown retro-style' 1970s Tokyo ramen bar, featuring retro signage and brightly coloured lanterns. The restaurant by Japan Centre - replaces Sakagura - and has been inspired by the yokocho alleyways of Japan.

The menu includes different regional ramens and broths from across Japan served alongside a selection of karaage, buns, gyoza and maki roll sushi. Washed down with highballs, chu-hi - made with shochu and lemon, sakes and Japanese draft beers. 

Ideal For

Going Japanesey! Regional ramen

Signature Dishes

Sapporo Miso with miso chicken & pork broth, Hakodate Shio with salt & miso broth, and the Yokocho with soy chicken & pork broth with slices of BBQ pork, naruto fish cake & nitamago egg.