Maru London

A 20-course Omakase restaurant replacing the original Taka by restaurateur Andrey Datsenko.

The intimate restaurant is situated in Shepherd Market next door to Ferdi and Kitty Fishers. Centred around a counter designed to seat just 10 diners - making the most of its space. Expect a 20-course farm-to-table tasting menu - changes daily - presented omakase-style, using British ingredients with classical Japanese culinary training and techniques - overseen by third generation sushi chef Taiji Maruyama. 

Maru is also the first Japanese restaurant in the UK to specialise in dry ageing fish - showcased in custom-made display fridges and feature predominantly on the menu. The tasting menu is priced at £160 for 20 courses, with a supplementary drink pairing, to include wine, Champagne, sake and tea.

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Going Japanesy