MasterChef the TV Experience

MasterChef the TV Experience is the first-of-its-kind restaurant in the world, in which dishes from winners and contestants of the iconic show are on offer.

Admit it, we've all longed to be a part of the high-octane action in the MasterChef kitchens, or at least, be one of the lucky few who get to dine in the participant pop-ups during the course of the competition... well, now, for the first time in the world, fans can dine in a setting inspired by the actual TV set, on dishes created by contestants from the show.

The world's first MasterChef the TV Experience restaurant (with indoor and outdoor seating) looks set to be the mother of all brand extensions, with the popular show literally coming to life in a space designed to replicate the original set - complete with the iconic clock! The dynamic menu is made up of popular dishes from previous seasons, and original creations by contestants from across the 52 territories the show is produced in - headed up by acclaimed chef Maria ‘Margarita’ Vaamonde-Beggs.

Ideal For

TV dinners!

Signature Dishes

Venison loin rubbed with chilli and coffee; fried chicken waffles with Southeast Asian salad and Australian beef Wagyu tenderloin with carrot purée; seabass fillet baked in lavash bread and seared scallops with kohlrabi purée.


Opt for the ‘Mystery Box’ dinner experience. Pick your choice of five ingredients from 10 options consisting of a mix of proteins vegetables and condiments. Then they’ll hand these over to the culinary team and challenge them to make a personalised meal within 35 minutes. Priced from Dhs300 for two.