Shimmers sits on one of the best locations in Dubai, right on Madinat Jumeirah's private beach with spectacular views of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

Head here for authentic Greek cuisine and a casual chic atmosphere and a taste of Myknonos. The completely refurbished Mediterrean beach (open-air) restaurant - with a seperate dining terrace and laid-back lounge - comes complete with white washed woods, textiles in turquoise shades and relaxed seating on the sand - just steps away from the sea. Open daily, for lunch and dinner. 

Ideal For

Get me to the Greek

Signature Dishes

Yiouvetsi Astakou, a traditional Greek Orzo pasta cooked with fresh lobster and Greek style roasted vegetables; Gamopilafo, a lamb stew accompanied with rice and Paidakia and lamp chops with Greek style sautéed potatoes topped with crumbled Feta cheese.