Ariana’s Persian Kitchen

Award winning Iranian-American chef Ariana Bundy's debut restaurant is to open at The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences.

Served family style, Persian classics will be given (Dubai-based) Ariana’s refreshing modern twist in terms of textures, ingredients and presentation with signature dishes such as Caspian-style filet kebab and rose-scented sea bass. Meals will be complemented by a range of specially created cordials and drinks as well as traditional Persian tea and’ Baghlava’.

An elegant, light yet relaxed and intimate setting, the restaurant seats more than 140 guests offering sea views over the Dubai skyline from wooden ‘day beds’ in a beautiful garden terrace. At the heart of the restaurant is an extensive show kitchen featuring a massive charcoal grill and fire pit Tanoor serving fresh breads.

Ideal For

Persian cuisine

Signature Dishes

Ariana’s Caspian-style filet kabab; rose-scented sea bass; a colorful array of new mazzeh dishes, and her take on classic Persian ice cream with saffron, pistachios and rose water.