Parisian restaurateur Thierry Costes is behind this new Parisian brasserie, with former Casa Cruz manager Guillaume Depoix.

Situated on the ground floor of Soho's 37 Golden Square development, the all-day-dining Folie is set to open in summer 2019 and is slated to be “a contemporary, glamorous interpretation of a Parisian brasserie” bringing “the essence of 70s St Germain to London” - designed by the talented Studio KO (Chiltern Firehouse and Yves Saint Laurent Museum). The menu boasts mainly French and Mediterranean food “reworked for the wellness generation” and focus on high-quality products cooked in an unfussy way. The wines will be mainly French and with a good selection of organic, natural and biodynamic wines. 

The restaurant is named after the houses with extravagant architecture built by the Parisians outside of the city as “a gateway for fun and decadence”. Thierry Costes, scion of the family behind the Paris hospitality empire that includes Hôtel Costes, Brasserie Georges on the roof of the Centre Pompidou (pictured) and Le Café Marly at the Louvre. Thierry's uncle is also setting up shop in London with an outpost of Hôtel Costes

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