La Placita by José Mendín

Pubbelly founding chef José Mendín is behind this colorful Puerto Rican restaurant, in Miami's MiMo District.

José Mendín is the director of culinary operations for The Pubbelly Restaurant Group - and oversees restaurants such as PB Steak, Pubbelly Sushi, Barceloneta and L’Echon Brasserie. This new restaurant (in partnership with Puerto Rican soap star Julián Gil) - inspired by San Juan’s colorful Mercado Santurce - offers Puerto Rico's native Mendín’s interpretations of classic Puerto Rican street food fare such as arepas, salt cod fritters and Mofongo - with Cocktail Cartel handling the drinks. You can't miss the place - due to a massive Puerto Rican flag mural covering the former Balans building.  

Ideal For

Home cooking

Signature Dishes

Arepas filled with octopus, conch or ceviche; salted cod fritters; Puerto Rican-Spanish seafood stew - head the “Mofongo Shop” where you can make your own combination of Puerto Rico’s national dish, featuring mashed fried plantains as its main ingredient and topped with proteins like shredded beef and garlic shrimp.


Every weekend, the restaurant’s semi-private space turns into a local food market with vendors from across South Florida complete with live music, food and entertainment.