Omer by Alain Ducasse

Savour delectable Mediterranean cuisine at this all-day dining room - Alain Ducasse's second restaurant in the Principality.

Set on the garden level of the Rotonde wing of the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, the room designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon is reminiscent of a boat - made up of three alcoves and a stunning 'Wine Circle' - overlooking the hotel's lush gardens, which themselves offer views of the Mediterranean. Ômer is a play on words for the French "au mer" - or "by the sea.

Alain Ducasse and his chef Patrick Laine (previously Chef of La Trattoria Sporting Monte-Carlo then Chef of Le Grill) present a sharing menu that embodies the rich diversity of Mediterranean influences - think everything from Turkish dolmas to Lebanese falafels and spiced cockerel to some simply seasoned local shellfish.

The impressive wine list features all the essentials and very rare crus from native varietals of Mediterranean region production, such as the Saïss plateau (near Meknes), the Balearics, Sicily, Sardinia and Dalmatia. 

Ideal For

All-day dining, seafood

Signature Dishes

Caramelized Tentaculaire squid with lentils and beets and cabbage; M’Rouzia candied lamb with rice and spiced dates and cookpot wheat with sorrel and onions, smoked eggplant zaalouk, peanuts and yogurt, Swiss chard and olive tagine.