The Formosa Cafe

A true Hollywood landmark, that dates back to the golden days of Hollywood, reopens dishing up some welcome nostalgia.

The legendary Asian-themed West Hollywood hangout - first opened in 1925 - a place where Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Ava Gardner were frequent customers — has been restored by 1933 Group, owners of bars such as Sassafras, Bigfoot Lodge and Harlowe. The new look includes a restored Pacific Electric train dining car, terrazzo tiles that mirror those on the Walk of Fame and Bugsy Siegel’s actual safe. 

The menu - overseen by Little Fatty chef David Kuo - features a few dishes from Little Fatty, such as the Dan Dan Mian and General Tso’s cauliflower, alongside modern takes on Chinese American classics like orange chicken, a beef with broccoli made with sizzling black pepper beef, and the Formosa Chicken Salad. The cocktails follow suit, running from the classics (such as their famous Mai Tai and Scorpion Bowls) to more modern choices. 

Ideal For

Chinese comfort food, late night bites, nostalgic nights