Le Veau d’Or

Long standing Upper East Side bistro is getting a new lease of life, under the guardianship from the acclaimed chefs behind hip Neo Bistro Frenchette.

As veterans of some of the city's most beloved brasseries (Balthazar and then Minetta Tavern), and then more recently with their upscale and highly celebrated French bistro (James Beard Award for best new restaurant 2019) in Tribeca - owners Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson are the perfect custodians of this New York institution, pictured. This old-school bistro - actually regarded as NYC's oldest bistro - originally opened in 1937 and has been serving up a sense of nostalgia and traditional haute French dishes (duck breast with cherry sauce or chicken en cocotte) ever since. Expect much of the same - in terms of the standard menu (with added oomph and seasonality) and still plenty of Gallic charm. 



Ideal For

Gallic charms, Parisian ambiance