Gjelina NYC

A highly anticipated New York outpost of LA's Cali-Italian farm to table hotspot.

Out in LA, Travis Lett, Fran Cemaj, and Shelley Armistead have been almost singlehanded cited for kickstarting a new wave of hyper veggie centric food thats  taken the West Coast by storm and now they're headed to NYC. The hip Los Angeles restaurant (pictured) is lauded for its vegetable-centric, rustic menu - matched by equally rustic Modern Arc-designed interiors. 

While known for their New American concept of wood-fired pizzas, salads, grilled vegetable dishes - plus their insane in-house techniques for jams and pickles, it is thought the LA based team will be bringing something similar to this NoHo spot although of course with a new spin and influences. 

Check back for updates. 

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Veggie-centric California cuisine