The Bungalow Kitchen

Chef Michael Mina and nightlife impresario Brent Bolthouse have partnered on this casual clubhouse-inspired restaurant.

The Bungalow Kitchen sits on the waterfront in Long Beach’s Belmont Shore and builds on Bolthouse’s other Bungalow restaurants. The Craftsman bungalow includes a main dining room set between a large fireplace and a copper-topped bar. There’s also a game room that’s decorated in rock and roll-inspired. Down a hallway there’s a sun room, which is meant as a place for an after-dinner cocktail and an extensive patio. 

Expect dishes like shellfish served over ice or charcoal-grilled; short rib “Pop-Tarts” drizzled with bordelaise; sweet potato pancakes topped with house-smoked salmon; and Mina’s signature lobster pot pie.



Ideal For

Seasonally-inspired California cuisine

Signature Dishes

Garden “Punch” Bowl made up of crunchy chilled garden vegetables served with gazpacho and dipping sauces, as well as shellfish served either cold or charcoal-grilled, pizzas, a lobster pot pie and a spicy lobster spaghetti.