Laser Wolf

Laser Wolf's signature Israeli cuisine will be available in New York City on the rooftop of The Hoxton Hotel.

Laser Wolf, an Israeli grill house known as one of Philly’s best restaurants, is debuting on the rooftop of The Hoxton Hotel. Named after "Lazar Wolf", the butcher in the iconic Jewish musical Fiddler on the Roof, the open air skewer house - with heat lamps hanging overhead and an uninterrupted view of the Manhattan skyline - centers around the charcoal grill.

Nearly everything on the restaurant’s menu is cooked over charcoal - from mouth-watering charcoal-grilled meats and vegetable-centric small plates - the restaurant embraces the "shipudiya" style of dining. Highlights include dips with fresh pita, grilled skewers, and larger dishes such as a whole branzino or a baharat-rubbed chicken.