Hamasaku Los Angeles

The go-to lunch spot for Westside film industry executives and celebrities.

Owned by former C.A.A. head Michael Ovitz, Hamasaku is a power lunch spot in a very unlikely location: in a very average West L.A. strip shopping mall. However, the mundane location belies the restaurant’s ability to attract the famous (Charlize Theron, Robert Pattinson) and well connected (talent manager Rick Yorn). A recent remodel under the sharp eye of architect Marwan Al-Sayed (known for his work on the Amangiri Resort in Utah), gave the restaurant a new look, inspired by ancient Japanese culture and pop art.

Furniture is crafted from light, warm woods with clean lines; light is diffused throughout and a shoji-like screen of wood slats separates the entryway from the restaurant’s minimalist interior. The perfectly prepared sushi and Japanese specialities are the stars, of course, though one can’t help check out prime pieces from the Ovitz Family’s rarefied art collection or the who’s who of Hollywood in the dining room.

Ideal For

Conversation, lunch meetings, sushi, date nights, client dinners.

Favourite Table

At the sushi bar

Signature Dishes

Lunchtime omakase, ceviche roll, Charlize tacos, Twilight roll

Signature Drinks

Mt. Hakkai, Hakkaisan sake, Reserve sake, Hitachino Nest Japanese craft beer