Riddling Widow

There can never be too many champagne bars, especially a champagne bar secreted in an underground boudoir with a list curated by Terroir wine guru Tanner Walle.

The Riddling Widow is dedicated to all things sparkling, from a special bottle of Lahertes Freres champagne to a glass of Fagher prosecco. There’s wine and cider too, with a decadent yet minimalistic food menu featuring oysters, cheese platters, and a range of bread and butter served with four types of salt.

The latest in a long ling of launches from nightlife impresario DeRossi - whose Polynesian bar Mother of Pearl and vegan restaurant Avant Garden both opened their doors earlier this year - the style is suitably lavish, yet with an edge not normally associated with champagne bars. Enter through the red door, to the subterranean space with walls covered in black velvet paper, a bar made from black marble, and red velvet couches.

And the name? Riddling is a method of trapping excess sediment in the neck of champagne bottles to produce clear liquid. In the 18th century, this was done by the widows of the Napoleonic Wars (the veuves) - and there you have it: Riddling Widow.

Ideal For

Indulgence and bubbles.

Signature Dishes

Bread and butter with flavored salt.

Signature Drinks

Duc du Romet Champagne.