Roku is a brand new Japanese restaurant elevates the traditional teppanyaki experience to new heights with an innovative menu of contemporary dishes.

Housed in the space that was formerly home to RivaBella, interiors showcase modern Japanese design elements in an expansive 8,000sq ft space that is divided into a bar and lounge, main dining room, sushi bar and four teppanyaki grills that accommodate up to 28 guests.

The culinary team behind is headed up by corporate executive chef Tyson Wong, who oversees the development of the restaurant’s three distinct components: teppanyaki, sushi and omakase, and hot and cold dishes.

With the original Sushi Roku location closing in early October, the innovative Dining Group (IDG) is introducing this new concept to push its culinary boundaries. “The menu will continue to evolve as our chefs create new dishes and we are attentive to the feedback from our friends and guests,” said Lee Maen, founding partner of IDG.

Ideal For

Culinary indulgence

Favourite Table

One one of the restaurant’s four Teppanyaki grills, where trained teppan chefs prepare meals on a metal griddle in front of diners.

Signature Dishes

Salmon caviar wrapped with daikon, shiso, and osetra caviar; uni toast with lemon tarragon béchamel; sautéed foie gras with candied pineapple and balsamic plum wine; kabocha and butternut squash, wood oven roasted with sesame chili paste.

Signature Drinks

Pacific Scorpion made with Svedka, Svedka clementine, coconut, pineapple, passion fruit, watermelon, guava, and lychee, served in a glass bowl with a bamboo straw.