Tempura Endo

LA’s first high-end tempura restaurant has opened in Beverly Hills, offering an omakase-style tasting menu of light and crisp tempura dishes.

Endo Tempura is the first US outpost from Koichi Endo, who owns several tempura restaurants in Kyoto, Japan. The tiny space comprises an eight-seat bar as well as two private dining rooms.

Similar to high-end sushi restaurants, at Endo Tempura each piece of tempura is made to order. The batter is made from a special, weaker flour that's low in gluten, while the frying oil is a blend of cottonseed, safflower and sesame oils. For seasoning there are five different flavored salts, including green tea powder, yuzu, truffle, rice powder and sansho pepper.

The Kyoto-style tempura features the freshest seafood such as sea urchin wrapped with laver and prawn, and a variety of Kyoto vegetables, while more exclusive options include scallop, truffle and caviar, and wagyu beef. 

Ideal For

A truly unique tasting menu experience

Favourite Table

The main counter where you can watch the chefs in action

Favorite Room

Tea Ceremony Room: The most traditional tearoom setting encompasses a sunken hearth.

Signature Dishes

The dinner menu includes a seasonal appetizer, sashimi, hashiyasume (a palate-refreshment side dish such as flambed sweet potato with yuzu granite), a salad, and a rice-dish. Tempura pieces range from live shrimp to sea urchin, King crab and pea croquette, while desserts include sherbet and a full ceremony-style matcha tea service.