Petit Trois

Tucked away in a common mini-mall, Petit Trois is a taste of Paris in the middle of Los Angeles from the city’s best-known French chef Ludo Lefebvre and his chef partners.

It’s difficult to spot the storefront-sized Petit Trois. Just north of Melrose Avenue, set in a very ordinary mini-mall, Petit Trois is L.A.’s version of a traditional French bar/brasserie owned and operated by three of the city’s top chefs: Ludo Lefebvre (of Trois Mec and Ludo Bites) and Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook of Animal and Son of a Gun.

There are several caveats to know beforehand: the 21-seat restaurant does not take reservations or cash payments, an 18% service charge is added (unusual in Los Angeles) and the menu is limited but served until 11 p.m. Keep in mind the policies because diners are rewarded with some very tasty bites. The back-to-basics approach yields delicious results as most of the dishes (even the bread and butter) are outstanding. Desserts are equally decadent; cocktails are Instagram-ready and the wine list is six choice French wines and one sparkler.

Ideal For

Quick bites, lunch, date nights, early or late dinner.

Favourite Table

Chef's counter

Favorite Room

Compact, one room restaurant.

Signature Dishes

Boursin omelets (simple and exquisite), escargots, steak frites and traditional jambon-beurre (ham-butter) sandwich.

Signature Drinks

Fleur de Mal, Bardot, Menage a Quatre