Fine & Rare

A jazz-filled playhouse, with an impression collection of rum, gin, and agave from the guys behind the Flatiron Room.

If you're in the mood for a place that ticks all the right boxes - and oh so many of them - look no further than Fine and Rare in Murray Hill. With multiple rooms, live music, a jaw-dropping bottle collection, and more than a few tricks up its sleeve, it's the kind of place you just might find yourself going to regularly. 

From the same team as whiskey den extraordinaire, the Flatiron Room, this playhouse of boozy wonder is a bit more on the sultry side with a firm love of the agave spirits, rum, and gin. It only makes sense when surrounded by light leather banquettes, reclaimed wood panels and a sunshine-hued stage where nightly you can find live jazz to woo your ears. Sure, those bartenders can still stir together with a perfect Old Fashioned - which is smoked to order for a little extra flair - so go nuts and order whatever you want. On the food side, get thinking about seafood platters with lobsters and oysters as the obvious must.

Keep exploring through the rooms to find your perfect spot. Leather chesterfields in one, a mural panelled private room that looks like a temple in another and be sure to ask about their Bottle Keep program for when you find your true love in liquid form. They'll be sure to give it your pin and you can always come back to it and carry on your affair next time after you buy it.


Ideal For

Winning and dining with a side of live music.