The Drift

A good dive-bar can feel like a much-needed hug when done right. This one is loaded with pinball, a jukebox, and plenty of delicious food & booze.

Sister bar to Williamsburg staple, The Commodore, this is the kind of place that you go for one and stay for several. Dark, comfortable and filled with the perfect trimmings of a solid dive bar, it's easy for a place like this to become your new living room. 

Part of the new breed of Dive bars, where you can get a cocktail just as easily as a beer or a shot, the food takes a step firmly into the land of delicious. They really paid attention here with that southern style that's not overly gimmicky and all of tasty with dishes like Lo Country Boiled Peanuts, which arrive steaming hot (watch your fingers!) and the Smoked Chicken Sandwich with an Alabama White Sauce and pickles that'll be dripping all over your hands. Don't worry, they have napkins! Be sure to leave some room for their decadent Banana Pudding, loaded with cream and banana chunks.

Settle into a tanned leather booth or cushioned stool and familiarize yourself with the awesome taxidermy collection. If that's not enough to keep you entertained, be sure to give the jukebox a browse and take advantage of the KISS-themed pinball machine.

Ideal For

Hiding from the world and kicking ass at pinball.

Signature Dishes

The Hangry Man sandwich: chopped ribs, South Carolina mustard sauce, pickles, and coleslaw

Signature Drinks

The Snowbird cocktail: bourbon or vodka, soda, lemon, sugar, mint, and blackberry.